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  • Q. What is Datamail ?

    A) Datamail Is A World's First Free Linguistic Email Address Service Provider. Know More

  • Q. What Is Secret Keeper? How To Use Secret Keeper?

    A) Secret Keeper is an inbuilt Password Manager feature in Datamail App that allows you to save important information, login details, passwords, pins, etc inside a password protected folder. Secret keeper keeps your information private, secure, and hidden. Protected with one password, DataMail can hold your secrets, which you can trust. Know More

  • Q. How Can I Reset my Datamail webmail account password incase of forgot password ?

    A) You Can Follow the steps in URL to get Web access : Download the Document. Know More

  • Q. How Can I Login Datamail Web Via App?

    A) Login Web Via App is the new secure way to access your Datamail web account. Know More

  • Q. Can I change my password through datamail mobile app ?

    A) Mobile: You do not need password, its automatically protected with your mobile number and OTP.
    B) Web: You have been given temporary password in your welcome email, in case you have lost it, please visit and chose "Forgot your password" and follow the instructions.
    C) Note: You can not change password through mobile app and our customer support do not have right to change your password. DataMail team never asks for your password.

  • Q. How do you turn on push notifications on Android?

    A) To turn on push notifications on your Android follow these steps


         Go to your device's and tap Settings.
         Go to your Notifications or App Notifications.
         Tap Datamail and turn on notifications from Datamail.

  • Q. What is DataRadio?

    A) DataRadio is the fully Made in India and unique social media solution integrated with email which allows users to broadcast messages to their followers. This feature is of great use for bollywood, sports or any celebrity, and individuals who want to communicate with their fans and followers without worrying about their identify theft, trolling and abuse

  • Q. How To Create And Join DataRadio Channel?

    A) To Create And Join DataRadio Channel Download the document

  • Q. I am Not Getting DataRadio Notifications ?

    A) Please Follow the steps to get DataRadio Notifications

    Best Practices to Do If You Are Not Getting Notifications From DataRadio On Android Phone
    In Maximum Cases, Notifications are received Automatically however, there are very few cases when user is unable to receive DataRadio Voice or Text Notifications or user sometimes receives notification and sometimes not. In both the cases we Request you to please Check or Follow the steps to make notifications permanently.

    1st ) Enable Notification
    Here are the Quick Steps To Enable Notifications for DataRadio/ Datamail
    * Go to your device's and tap Settings.
    * Go to your Notifications or App Notifications.
    * Ensure that “Datamail Notifications.” is check marked

    2nd ) Check that your Battery Saver Mode is Disabled.
    Sometimes Notifications doesn’tappear due to enabled battery saver mode as notifications appear in background and get displayed.
    Here are the Quick Steps To Disable Battery Saver Mode
    * Open Settings from the home screen.
    * Select Battery & performance.
    * Tap Manage apps battery usage.
    * See that Power saving modes is turned off .

    3rd ) Check That Your Phone Notifications Volume is Turned ON
    * Go to your device settings
    * Tap volume setting
    * Ensure that Notification volume is turned on

    4th )Check Your Internet Speed
    As push notification requires high speed internet so, check whether you are having speed internet or not that can led to delay in reviving notifications .

    5th) Updated Datamail App:
    We Request you to go to play store type datamail
    * If Update is Available Please Update your datamail app
    * If the app is Already updated please Log-Out and Re-Login
    * Lastly Restart Your Phone

    Note: If you have checked all the above settings and still you are unable to get push notifications Please feel free to contact us on our Support Team We Will always Be Happy to assist You.

  • Q. How Many Languages datamail is available?

    A) As On 31 December Datamail linguistic email address are available in 12 Languages i.e

    8 Indian Regional languages :- Hindi , Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu and Punjabi
    3 International Languages :- Russian, Chinese, Arabic and English

  • Q. Who Can Get Datamail Email Address ? How can I get Datamail linguistic email address ?

    A) All Android Users and IoS Users can create account By Verifying their mobile number and BSNL broadband users can create account by using their Land line Number and mobile number

    After Downloading Datamail App from App Store Or Play Store

    Process For Play Store Users :-
    Go TO Play Store(Android Users) -> type Datamail -> Download App Datamail -> Open App -> Choose Language -> Verify Mobile number ->Embed OTP ->Enjoy The Services

    Process For App Store Users (Apple) :-
    Go TO App Store -> type Datamail -> Download App Datamail -> Open App -> Choose Language -> Verify Mobile number ->Embed OTP ->Enjoy The Services

  • Q. How To Create Datamail Account ?

    A) Android SMART PHONE Users Tutorial : Watch the Tutorial

    B) IoS Apple PHONE Users Tutorial : Watch the Tutorial

  • Q. How to change mobile number of datamail email account ?

    A) To change mobile number of datamail email account : Watch the Tutorial

  • Q. How To Delete Datamail Account And Recreate A New Email ID ?

    A) To Delete Datamail Account And Recreate A New Email ID : Watch the Tutorial

  • Q. How Can I Access My Datamail Email Address?

    A) User Can Login To Datamail Account Using.

    1) Android Phone - Play Store

    2) IoS - App Store

    3) Computer Web Access - Browser typing

  • Q) I Am An Existing User How Can I Acess My Account From Web And How Can I Get My Password ?

    A)You Can Follow the steps in URL to get Web access : Download the Document

  • Q) What is Alias services how can I set alias ?

    A) As We got many Request From Users that they are unable to get email form other email providers such as yahoo and hotmail and they are not able to create account on facebook and other social sites so to solve this problem we have started alias services in which user can create on alias email address in English so lets say if my permanent id is संपर्क@डाटामेल.भारत i can create alias so if someone will send email to will reach to me on संपर्क@डाटामेल.भारत now question is How to set alias here is a Quick step Guide to set alias on your account Download the Document

  • Q) How Can I Get Keyboard Languages change

    A)1)IOS APPLE Language Change Tutorial : Watch the Tutorial
    2)Android SMART PHONE Language Change Tutorial : Watch the Tutorial

  • Q) I am An International User Using Datamail email services. How Can I Reset My Password

    A) You Can Send Your Alternate Email Address To then after you can reset Password and your otp will be sent to your alternate email address rather then on phone by sms (Only in case of non Indian user) .

  • Q) I Am Unable to see all 12 Languages in my Android Phone ?

    A) This Is a Android version Issue Below Android 5.0 It Will Display only 9 languages so we request you to upgrade you Android version.

  • Q) Keyboard Typing issue not able to type what to do ?

    A) If You want to use Advance Keyboard you can download google indic keyboard as it include many features ease your typing purpose

  • Q) How Can I Configure my Datamail Account on gmail ?

    A) Currently Datamail is available only by datamail web and app

  • Q)No Kannada language Please try to help us with Kannada language.

    A) we will get Kannada email address live as soon as Kannada domain launched by .in registry in future we want to enable all 22 Indian regional languages.

  • Q)Advertising problem. Getting More ad pop up open

    A)Soon, you will be able to update your app to Ad Free with small payment. Its going to be live soon

  • Q) Unable To Get OTP ?

    A) Please Wait For 2 minutes still if you did not receive try one more time or verify by sending SMS as sometimes your mobile number can be enabled with DND services.

  • Q) How To Remove Advertisements from DataMail Email Account?

    A) Follow the step by step procedure to remove ads from your DataMail Email Account Go to menu button and click on Remove Ads option . You will get a dialogue box where you can avail 7 day free trail. Tap "continue" and add payment method or redeem a code. Now enter your card details to complete your purchase. Please note that once your 7 day trial is finished you will be charged Rs120/year.

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